Equipment Replacement
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Houston HVAC Equipment Replacement

Consult Neva® Corporation for your Commercial Air Conditioning & Industrial Process Refrigeration equipment replacement options.

Air Conditioning Replacement Services 

All air conditioning equipment will eventually become unreliable and increase in cost to operate and repair. Replacement becomes inevitable. For example, air-cooled chillers lose 1% efficiency per year due to condenser coil deterioration. This causes higher operating cost, higher pressures and temperatures, metal fatigue, and refrigerant leaks. When your commercial HVAC air conditioning equipment and process refrigeration equipment approaches the end of its reliable life, contact Neva® for your replacement equipment options.

Neva® Corporation services and installs most major brands of HVAC equipment in greater Houston. Contact us for houston hvac refrigerant recovery and hvac equipment replacement.

Equipment Installation

  • Chillers
  • Air Handler Units (AHUs)
  • Cooling Tower
  • Package & DX Split Units
  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Pressurization & Chemical Filtration
  • Compressors

Neva® Corporation services and installs most major brands of HVAC equipment in greater Houston

Major brands of HVAC equipment

The Neva® Difference

A:On-Site Assesment

First and foremost, Our Service Manager walks through and performs an on-site assessment. After the walk through our service manager and the customer contact will agree upon the nature of the industrial refrigeration or commercial air conditioning problem.

B: Detailed Product Service Agreement

Our detailed product Service Agreement is fully transparent, outlining the full scope of work, materials required, and pricing.

C: Qualified Technician + Service Manager + Full Circle

We will then assign the right technician - with specific product experience and expertise-who oprates under the direct supervision of the Service Manager

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24 Hour
Emergency Service

Neva® maintains 24/7 Emergency service response with one service manager and three journeyman technicians on call at all times. Call Neva® for your emergency service needs.

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Safety Trained in Maintenance & Repairs

It is the Policy of Neva® to take all possible steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees, other persons engaged in work for the organization, and any third parties who come into contact with the business.

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Whether you are a large petrochemical company, a commercial management company or an industrial manufacturer, you can depend on Neva®'s experienced, skilled service technicians to provide customized, tailored service designed to fit your unique needs.

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