Cooling Towers, Pumps & Motors
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Pump, Motor & Cooling Tower Repair in Houston 

Neva service, repairs and replaces Cooling Towers, pumps and motors that support chill operation.  Proper maintenance of cooling towers greatly improves the operational life and reliability of this ancillary equipment.  Neva techs are well trained on the importance of proper drive shaft and coupling alignment; straight edges are for belt alignment, shafts and couplings require dial indicators.

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Cooling towers

Bearing Replacement

Bearing replacement is a common field procedure to extend the life of cooling tower fans, pumps, and motors. Proper lubrication and alignment promote bearing longevity. Variable speed drives have been a great advancement in motor control technology but offer a few undesirable effects. Tower fan gearboxes are splash lubricated and have a definite minimum speed required to maintain lubrication to the upper bearings; VFDs must be set to not allow sustained minimum speeds or mechanical failure will result. Motors must be compatible with VFD operation, but most importantly need shaft grounding rings to prevent premature motor bearing failure.

Water Treatment

It should be noted Neva does not provide cooling tower chemical treatment but have vendor relationships we can recommend and refer to. Water treatment is the single most important daily, weekly and monthly maintenance that must be applied to every evaporative water cooling tower. The improper application or lack of chemical treatment will result in chiller failure in literally days or weeks.  


Neva® maintains a daily presence in the Pasadena, Deer Park, LaPorte and Baytown plants. All technicians are site-specific trained including annual compliance classes.

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Reymsa cooling tower


Neva’s experienced chiller techs have been trained to look at the entire cooling tower system application and find original design information before coming to an operational chiller failure conclusion.  It is surprising how many chillers are operating out of their design parameters.  It is a fact any chiller operates more efficiently and is more reliable within its own defined unique limitations.  Call Neva for service, repairs and replacement options, take advantage of our 40 years of expertise. 

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Whether you are a large petrochemical company, a commercial management company or an industrial manufacturer, you can depend on Neva®'s experienced, skilled service technicians to provide customized, tailored service designed to fit your unique needs.

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