Centrifugal, Screw, and Reciprocating Chillers
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Industrial Chiller Repair & Maintenance Services

Neva® provides tailored preventative maintenance programs to extend the reliable operational life and when needed offers a full range of repair & maintenance options. 

 Centrifugal, Screw and Reciprocating Chillers

Neva® is primarily a chiller service company, air, and water-cooled applications, all manufacturers; high, medium and low temperature.  Neva® has a highly skilled technician service team but just as important maintains valuable vendor relationships with machinists, eddy current and dynamic balance companies, portable chiller providers, crane and rigging, all chiller manufacturer parts providers.  Effective service and repair responses are reliant on these types of vendor relationships; when an emergency repair situation arises, everybody jumps into action.

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Equipment Selection

When chiller replacement becomes necessary, proper equipment selection is the most important first step. Neva® places the most emphasis on identifying the original chiller design criteria and then evaluating if any fundamental changes have been made that might alter the original design.  It is very important to define the system limitation in flow and temperature delta, as well as available power. The most common request by customers is to increase cooling capacity. It should be noted once Neva®'s evaluation of the system limitations is complete, an increase in capacity is only realistically possible 25% of the time and only marginally increased.  

System Application Review

Neva®'s experienced chiller techs have been trained to look at the entire system application and find original design information before coming to an operational chiller failure conclusion.  It is surprising how many chillers are operating out of their design parameters.  It is a fact that any chiller operates more efficiently and is more reliable within its own defined unique limitations.

Call Neva®for your chiller maintenance, repairs and replacement options, take advantage of our 40 years of expertise. 


Neva® maintains a daily presence in the Pasadena, Deer Park, LaPorte and Baytown plants. All technicians are site-specific trained including annual compliance classes.

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The Neva® Difference

A:On-Site Assesment

First and foremost, Our Service Manager walks through and performs an on-site assessment. After the walk through our service manager and the customer contact will agree upon the nature of the industrial refrigeration or commercial air conditioning problem.

B: Detailed Product Service Agreement

Our detailed product Service Agreement is fully transparent, outlining the full scope of work, materials required, and pricing.

C: Qualified Technician + Service Manager + Full Circle

We will then assign the right technician - with specific product experience and expertise-who oprates under the direct supervision of the Service Manager

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Whether you are a large petrochemical company, a commercial management company or an industrial manufacturer, you can depend on Neva®'s experienced, skilled service technicians to provide customized, tailored service designed to fit your unique needs.

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